#16 Simon O’Connor: the intersection of sustainability and finance

#16 Simon O’Connor: the intersection of sustainability and finance

Simon O’Connor is CEO of the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia (RIAA), they’ve got more than 240 members that collectively manage some $9 trillion of investments globally.

And if he wasn’t busy enough, he’s now also the co-chair of the Australia Sustainable Finance Initiative (ASIF), it was launched last week with the aim, in their words, to drive : “A sustainable and resilient economy – one that prioritises human well-being, social equity and protection of our environment.”

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On this episode…

…I kept it simple, I wanted to get the lowdown on this new initiative that aims to define a roadmap for a more sustainable finance industry. But I also wanted to get a taste for Simon’s career journey, the influence of being on the front-lines of protests, and how he ended up working at the intersection of economics and ecology.

My key takeaway this week…

…a healthy environment is vital for a healthy economy. We need to think and plan more long-term.

Good Future’s Good Books

Doughnut Economics

By Kate Raworth

“A really nice and quite approachable book that talks about how economic systems need to sit within the physical and natural and social systems we operate in. And its putting economics back in its place within the broader eco-system and planetary boundaries, it does a really good job for setting a framework for how economist systems need to interact with natural and social systems.”


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