#55 Ingrid Burkett & Alex Hannant: designing the future of business

#55 Ingrid Burkett & Alex Hannant: designing the future of business

Ingrid Burkett and Alex Hannant are the co-directors of the Yunus Centre at Griffith University. And in response to the current health and economic crisis they’ve published a paper called Roadmap to Recovery and Regeneration, it recognises that right now is a pivotal moment for renewal.

There’s little time to waste, we need to deploy the social impact tool-kit to bring people together with a common purpose, and give them the tools and the capital to build at the community and the enterprise level.

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Some quick bios…

Ingrid Burkett has a masters in business and she’s a graphic designer. She uses design-thinking to drive innovation and entrepreneurialism across all aspects of social impact.

She was previously President of the International Association for Community Development, and she was the Inaugural Social Design Fellow at the Centre for Social Impact at UNSW and UWA.

Alex Hannant has a Masters in Development, and his research is focused on social entrepreeurship. 

Alex was previously CEO of the Ākina Foundation in New Zealand, and he serves on the Board of B-Lab Australia and New Zealand.

My key takeaway this week…

“Our report is not a set of recommendations. People are wanting to organise, and define the future for where they are. People are questioning the stories we tell ourselves about work.”

Good Future’s Good Books

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By Mariana Mazzucato

Both of Mariana’s books are charting the future of economics.


By Gaia Vince

She’s a science journalist, but she’s gone back to the whole history of human kind and looked at the role of cultural evolution, alongside physical evolution. The story of human kind is an amazing story, and one which is still ongoing.

But what came through for me, was how collective we are. From economics, language, food systems, we are such a species being and that really resonates with me and how we think about the future of innovation and business.


Yunus Centre

Roadmap to Recovery and Regeneration

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