#61 William Wu: An investor and a teacher of positive impact

#61 William Wu: An investor and a teacher of positive impact

William Wu is a portfolio manager at Melior Investment Management, he teaches courses in sustainable investing at UNSW and he advises on boards of purpose-led businesses.

Will and I have had some great conversations in the past, and it was a pleasure to take it further in this episode.

On this episode…

We discussed how you can have an impact when investing in public markets, how ESG is evolving and the changing ways investors can influence the companies that are playing a growing part in our society.

My key takeaway this week…

The SDGs are emerging as a powerful framework with which to measure the positive impact a company is having, even in the public markets.

Good Future’s Good Books

Thinking fast and slow

By Daniel Kahneman

It’s a great book about how to make better decisions. And it can be applied in all aspects of life. It’s an all time classic. It presents on of the key ideas being this system 1 vs system 2 thinking. With system 1 being the fast, automatic thinking process. This impulsive thinking.

While system 2 is the slower more logical thinking. Both are important. If a car is coming towards you, you’ll want to use system 1, but if you’ve got a more complex problem, like tackling climate change, you’ll want to use system 2 over system 1. So the key message is that you need to understand when to apply which system.

It talks about some really interesting issues like: framing, loss aversion, the sunk cost fallacy, it’s a great book that can be applied in any situation, in finance, but also in everyday life.





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