#65: Ben Thornley: Building trust through Impact verification

#65: Ben Thornley: Building trust through Impact verification

Ben Thornley is co-founder and Managing Partner of Tideline, a specialist consultancy for the impact investment industry. Ben works with the firm’s long list of clients to integrate impact and sustainability into various stages of the investment process.

And, they’ve recently spun-out a stand-alone business called BlueMark, which provides third-party impact verification services for investors across the spectrum.

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On this episode…

Ben’s a consultant, and that shone through in this interview as he expertly explained some of the nuance and details about how the world of impact investing has changed over the past decade, and the components that are of particular interest today.

He also wound back the clock to when he published one of the foundational early texts on impact investing, written with Jed Emerson and Cathy Clarke.

My key takeaway this week…

We can’t expect all investors to embrace impact overnight, we just need to help them move in the right direction.

“We need everyone to take a step to the right, to do that little bit more. Like musical chairs. And keep moving along the value chain, towards a more impactful outcome.”

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The Impact Investor: Lessons in Leadership and Strategy for Collaborative Capitalism

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