Dave Rae is a financial advisor, he’s a Member of one of the Technical Working Groups at the Australian Sustainable Finance Initiative, and he’s been a long-time listener and a friend of the Good Future podcast.

Right from the outset, Dave was sending me feedback and asking me questions. And on the flip-side, its been great to watch Dave build his financial planning business and he’s helped me understand how his clients feel about sustainable investing, and the key concerns that people come to him with.

On this episode…

…Dave gives us an insight into how everyday investors feel about ethical and responsible investing, how much they understand the options that are available, and some of the key questions they come to him with.

My key takeaway this week…

“There’s a big disconnect between people’s values, and the investing that they’re doing.

I think that disconnect comes from a lack of knowledge, a lack of awareness of what’s around, but also a lack of understanding (and fear) of how to find information.”

Good Future’s Good Books

The Clean Money Revolution

By: Joel Solomon

The story of his journey to impact. I’m fascinated by the way people get here. It’s only been the name of impact for ten or so years. He’s a pioneer in the space. And I then decided that I’d move my money and invests down the impact path. The way that Joel connected with his community to help spread the message of impact. They were all learning and growing in the process.


Australian Sustainable Finance Initiative


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