My Work

Writing and Communications strategy

My skill is translating complex issues into engaging stories, to bring your message and your brand to life. 

I can take your impact data to the next level by delivering it with powerful emotion and a compelling story.

Impact Investing advocate

Through my podcast and my writing I educate and inform a wide audience on the growth and opportunities of investing in businesses that are solving the world’s greatest challenges. 

I empower people to have a positive impact through their spending and investing decisions.

Ethical investing analysis

Sustainable and ethical investing is about more than just profit and loss, it’s also about having a positive impact. I’ve worked with some of Australia’s leading investors, helping them craft compelling stories about how they’re making a difference.

Build a strong connection with your potential clients by going beyond the financials – share the purpose at the heart of your investment strategy.

Social impact measurement consultant

I’m an accredited Huber Social impact measurement consultant. The framework measures impact in terms of ‘Wellbeing’. It offers a unique insight your impact that is comparable and verifiable. It’s a rich data-set to inform your future.

With a Huber Social impact report you can present to donors, or pitch to investors, with an unparalleled level of insight about your impact and your potential going forward.

Send me a message, ask me anything. Let’s start the conversation…

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