I think economics tells a story; about human nature, and about the world we’re creating for ourselves in the future. And on today’s episode I’m really hoping to sway the finance-sceptics and show that it can be both interesting, and have a really big, and really positive impact.

To do that I’ll be speaking with Pablo Berrutti. He’s head of Responsible investment (Asia-Pacific) at Colonial First State Global Asset Management and he’s a passionate advocate for the power of financial markets to change the world.

It’s a big call, but have a listen, there’s lots of optimism and in practical terms, there’s a really great explanation of ESG investing which is all about considering environmental, social and governance factors when making your investment decisions.

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On this episode…

…we delved into how financial markets can be a positive reflection of our human endeavours; rather than simply an echo of our greed. Pablo has done deep research, and he helps us see the positive changes being made in the markets.

My key takeaway this week…

…Australia has a huge opportunity to be at the forefront of the global energy transition. We have bountiful supplies of wind and solar, but we also have the hangover of vested interests who are determined to sell the remainder of our fossil fuel reserves.

We need to find a balance, before it’s too late.

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