Radek Sali was CEO at Swisse Vitamins and helped to grow it into a global powerhouse. But perhaps his greatest legacy will be the impact he’s had on the people he’s worked with and managed.

Moving on from Swisse, Radek has built a family office called Light Warrior that invests in all sorts of ventures, that are all focussed on wellness. And, one of his key investments was to seed an impact investment fund, called The Impact Fund.

Radek is a big picture thinker, and he knows how to manage a dynamic organisation, but after speaking to people who work with him, it became clear that at the core of Radek’s power is his ability to nurture the people around him, and to promote culture, above all else.

On this episode…

Radek took us on a journey through his past, and also gave us a glimpse into the future he’s building for his business and those around him. This passion for his staff is palpable, and it’s the guiding light for the businesses he’s supporting and for his philosophies around impact investing.

Radek was a seed investor in The Impact Fund, and he has a deep appreciation for the responsibility of the mission to build businesses that solve big problems.

He’s also a member of the B-Team, which was established by Richard Branson and operates as a network of progressive entrepreneurs who are supporting a plan-B, to steer us away from the destructive/extractive business model of plan-A.

My key takeaway this week…

Radek might have been a born leader, but he also worked hard to learn the craft. While others were happy to find a job, after they left school, that paid money to buy beer, Radek seized the opportunity. He revelled in the challenges of managing his peers, and on reflection, he’s seen it as a valuable advantage in learning empathy and leadership early on in his career.

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