We’re doing something a little bit special on the podcast this week.

To celebrate episode number 32 I’ve reached out to some of Australia’s best voices to get their view on why podcasting has boomed in popularity, and how this unique form of engagement aligns with the new breed of businesses who are driven by social impact.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did. It was a great excuse for me to contact some A plus podcast talent and have a chat. But there really are some solid gold insights in there that I think everyone will appreciate.

On this episode…

First up I was lucky enough to get some time with Jules Lund, he’s the founder of the influencer marketing business, Tribe, and with many years in TV and radio he remains an important thought leader about all things digital media.

Next up is Rachel mason-Nunn, she’s the host of the Good Will Hunters podcast and she has a special place in the heart and the origins of this show, so stay tuned for that section.

I also spoke to Glen James who is flat-out managing the success of his show, My Millennial Money. Where he helps this much-maligned generation of young-adults understand personal finance. He does it with a dose of humour and it’s clear there’s plenty of demand for financial advice without the jargon.

And last but certainly not least is Tommy Jackett. This guy is a content producing dynamo and his show, which is aptly titled The Daily Talk Show, is Australia’s only podcast that releases a show every day of the week. It’s a mammoth effort for him and his podcast, but he’s committed, and he’s learned a lot about the unique nature of podcasting and how to keep an audience engaged.

My key takeaway this week…

All my guests came at podcasting from different angles and for different reasons, but they all agree that it’s a highly intimate medium. We’ve been invited into people’s ears, and that’s a big responsibility.



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