Rachel Etherington is a committed advocate for sustainable investing, she understands impact, ESG and the SDGs inside and out, but, most of all, she’s enthusiastic. Rachel is a specialist financial advisor at Crestone, she helps her clients manage their wealth in line with their values, but that’s only half the story.

She’s on the board of the ACCR, and she’s on the board of Future Super. She’s committed to spreading the message of how sustainability can build a better economy.

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On this episode…

…We explored both Rachel’s work as a sustainable investment advisor, as well as how her upbringing and experiences played a big part in steering her towards her role as advisor and advocate.

We dig into the evolution of ESG and impact investment strategies, whether impact can exist in public markets, and, we got the low-down on Australia’s first pure-play Green-Bond fund, with cornerstone investments from Crestone and the CEFC.

My key takeaway this week…

“One of the biggest blockages that I see, from an investment perspective, is there’s still this prevailing belief that if you embark on something that has kind of positive environmental or social outcome, that it means you’re going to forgo financial return. I would say that’s the number one barrier. It’s frustrating.”

Good Future’s Good Books

The Economics of Eco-Systems and Biodiversity

By Pavan Sukhdev

This is not a book, it’s more of a report, but it should be a book. The economics of eco-systems and biodiversity, it was written some 13 years ago, but it’s excellent and it’s still so relevant to our understanding around these issues. I’d suggest people read that one.



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