Fabienne Michaux is Director at SDG Impact, it’s an offshoot of the UNDP and it’s focussed on harnessing impact investing to fund solutions to the SDGs.

SDG Impact uses the intelligence and insights it has on the ground in less developed countries all around the world, to identify challenges and problems that are in need private capital investments.

On this episode…

We explored the two core initiatives that have been developed by SDG Impact:

SDG Impact Initiative, which encompasses:

  • SDG Impacts Maps
  • SDG Impact Platform

SDG Impact Standards:

  • Private Equity
  • Bond issuers
  • Enterprises
  • OECD UNDP impact standards for financing sustainable development

My key takeaway this week…

“We need a shift from seeing the SDGs as being an add-on to a business, to being how the business itself gets done.”

Good Future’s Good Books

History of Knowledge

by Charles Van Doren

When I read that I think what I took away from that was that our accumulated knowledge is growing and evolving at a much faster pace than we are as a species. We still are born and go through a process and then die and the process starts over again. But the knowledge that we’re accumulating, across generations, is accelerating at a much faster pace. And it asks, are we really equipped to deal with that?

The Passion of the Western Mind

By Richard Tarnas

This one really reinforced just how entrenched and subconscious, a lot of our thinking and collective worldview is unjust where power resides in the world. And of course, one of the things that stands out there, too, is just the absence of female voices in that history.

The News

Alain De Botton

It really highlighted to me the importance and the responsibility of people that provide information to provide that information in context, you know, whether that’s providers of the news, rating providers, organisations providing their annual accounts or sustainability reports, it’s really important to report information in context.

Leading from the Emerging Future:

From Egosystems to Ecosystems

by Otto Scharmer

I think that really captures for me the essence of the change, we’re trying to instil through the standards to really move from that inside out thinking to outside in thinking.

Winners Take All

By Anand Giridharadas

And then the one that I haven’t read yet, but he’s on my reading list is winners take all, you know, that’s really exploring the system actually reinforcing the inequalities and inequity that we have in the world to maintain the status quo and maintain vested interests and privilege

Night Circus

By Erin Morgenstern

And from a nonfiction perspective, I think one of my favourite books over the last year or so is the Night Circus, which is actually a fantasy book, but I just absolutely loved it. It exported me away from all problems and thinking about COVID.


SDG Impact

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