Kerry Series has worked across the length and breadth of equities management in Australia, but it’s launching his own equities fund that I feel he’s found his groove. 

The Inspire Australian Equities fund is based in Sydney and they focus solely on stocks on the Australian Stock Exchange. They’re doing pioneering work in identifying high-impact companies, while also engaging with them to do even better. 

So much so that they’re the first Australian listed equity product to be certified as ‘impact’ under RIAA’s updated RI Certification, assessment framework.  

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On this episode…

The Inspire Impact strategy focuses on three pillars:

The first pillar is this idea of intentional, positive impact. Asking whether the core business has positive, intentional positive impact. 

Pillar two is additionality; this is the extra work that Inspire does as an impact investor, as opposed to a normal stock market investor

And pillar three is measurement. Inspire publishes an annual impact report, and they advocate for all investors to focus on impact, as much as risk and return.

My key takeaway this week…

“I want to be invested in education companies and healthcare companies or renewable energy companies, because I see those as the solutions to social environmental challenges.”


Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility – ACCR

The ACCR engages with companies as a shareholder, advocating for them to improve their environmental and social practices, and in the process make the company more sustainable. 

They’re a group of pragmatic lawyers and finance experts, and by utilising shareholder resolutions, they approach some of Australia’s biggest companies in a forum they can’t ignore. 

Find out more at

They’re independent, not-for-profit and they’re taking action for more sustainable businesses in Australia.



GenEx Power

Volpara Health Technologies


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