Tim King is Chief Investment Officer, he has deep experience in wrangling equity markets, and as you’ll hear today, he’s applied his broad research and analysis skills to measuring impact and driving positive change.

Melior certainly focuses on identifying the most high impact companies in Australia, but they also appreciate the importance of leading large, well-known companies in their transition towards impact, in adopting renewable energy, and re-aligning their corporate purpose beyond the narrow metrics… of financial reports, and towards broader societal outcomes.

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On this episode…

Tim explained the stages of his investment and analysis process, but he also explained that one his key levers to influence companies, is that they actually reach out to him, directly.

Even companies he’s not invested in, have reached out, and asked for guidance.

This may not be scalable, but it certainly represents a dramatic shift in the way Aussie businesses are evolving.

My key takeaway this week…

Yes climate-policy is important, but big change is being driven by people, and our demands on companies:

“I think this is happening irrespective of there being a price on carbon, because stakeholders are demanding it.

My kids don’t want to go and work for a company that’s destroying the planet. And when I buy a car, I want to buy a net-zero-emissions car. That’s increasingly the case.”


Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility – ACCR

The ACCR engages with companies as a shareholder, advocating for them to improve their environmental and social practices, and in the process make the company more sustainable.

They’re a group of pragmatic lawyers and finance experts, and by utilising shareholder resolutions, they approach some of Australia’s biggest companies in a forum they can’t ignore.

Find out more at www.accr.org.au/shareholders

They’re independent, not-for-profit and they’re taking action for more sustainable businesses in Australia.



Vulcan Energy Resources

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