Seb Beloe was an early guest of the show, and he’s back to tell us more about his fund, the WHEB Sustainable Impact Fund.

He is head of Research at WHEB Asset management, and he’s a deep thinker about companies and their impact on the world.

On this episode…

We go beyond talking about metrics and frameworks, to explore the nature of the companies that are leaders in the space. And, when it came to the prickly issue of additionality, the discussion was vigorous, Seb has a very clear view on the issue.

My key takeaway this week…

“What we’re asking for is extremely demanding. And companies won’t change their position lightly”


Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility – ACCR

The ACCR engages with companies as a shareholder, advocating for them to improve their environmental and social practices, and in the process make the company more sustainable.

They’re a group of pragmatic lawyers and finance experts, and by utilising shareholder resolutions, they approach some of Australia’s biggest companies in a forum they can’t ignore.

Find out more at

They’re independent, not-for-profit and they’re taking action for more sustainable businesses in Australia.


WHEB Asset Management




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