Giles Gunnesekera is the CEO of the Global Impact Initiative. He’s built a range of really innovative investment structures that have supported charities for women and girls, built hospitals and funded affordable housing.

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On this episode…

… I took the opportunity to do a bare-bones breakdown of ‘impact investing’. I pushed Giles to avoid the jargon and help an audience beyond those working in finance, to understand how we can direct our money to not only make a profit, but to also have a positive social impact. In a similar vein we dug into the growing pressure, from all sides, for big companies to clean up their act.

My key takeaway this week…

There’s clearly a shift happening right now, whether it be super funds whose members are demanding they invest with long-term sustainability in mind, or with companies realising it takes more than big salaries to attract the best millennial talent, we want a sense of purpose too.

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Let Her Fly

By, Ziauddin Yousafzai

“The father of Malala, Zia talkas about women’s empowerment. One of the fascinating stories behind Malala’s journey was that she was the first woman to ever be put onto the family tree. In Zia’s family they only ever showed the men. The women didn’t exist on the tree. And he was insistent that Malala’s name go onto that family tree.

What I love about Zia stands for, is about women’s empowerment, but more importantly it’s about men talking about women’s empowerment. There’s a great quote that says, it is the right of the oppressed to speak up, but it’s the right of those observing to speak out. And think that’s exactly what we need to do when it comes to gender equality.”

It’s the males that need to be really active about speaking up about gender equality. I just love his journey, and Malala’s. But the more males that

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