Kylie Porter is the newly installed Executive Director of the UN ­­Global Compact Network Australia. The organisation is founded on a set of ten principles that companies agree to abide by when they sign up.

It’s been hailed as, the world’s largest corporate social responsibility framework, and while it doesn’t enforce any rules or dole out any punishment, it operates as an important network of companies who are committed to reducing their environmental impact and becoming better corporate citizens.

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On this episode…

We talk all about the forces that are driving big corporates to change and adapt, whether that be regulations or the growing force of outcry and activism from the public. We also look at the new legislation around modern slavery which is super interesting and something we should be aware of.

My key takeaway this week…

If all companies took steps to decrease harm, respecting human rights, not polluting waterways or the air, not participating in bribery or corruption, we’d actually go a long way to achieving the SDGs.

Good Future’s Good Books

The End of Poverty

By Jeffrey Sachs

It was a book that really purred me in some way to do my masters in social science and that’s The End of Poverty. He was a special advisor to Kofi Annan at the time, and he’s a development economist. He was fundamental in the development of the SDGs and for me that book really demonstrated the power of humans to make a real difference for people living in extreme poverty. And how partnerships between the private sector and civil society and government can actually change the world. Like he said, end poverty. That it is possible in our lifetime. It just requires us to be more cognisant of what we’re doing on a daily basis.


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