Good Future Ep10: Adam McCurdie and his co-founder have built a business (which is also a charity) that manages ticketing for events and gives all the profits to charity!

They recognised that the millions of dollars of profit that are skimmed off the top, by the ticketing industry, was ripe for a little “impact disruption”. The result was Humanitix. It’s a charity, that looks a lot like a business. And it’s both,

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On this episode…

We delved into the challenges of building a business, the pros-and-cons of a charity structure over a company. Adam explained how they analyse the charities they choose to support. Plus, he went deep on the donation/equity model they arranged with the Atlassian Foundation.

Adam also told the amazing story of his friendship with his business partner, Josh. In the early days they couldn’t afford both of them quitting their jobs. So Adam quit his, and Josh kept working to support them both while they built the platform! Now that’s trust.

My key takeaway this week…

It is just as vital to have innovation in business models, as it is in technology.

If you hear yourself saying… “But that’s the way we’ve always done it.” …then get ready for disruption.

Good Future’s Good Books


By: Yuval Harari

I’d recommend anybody who’s interested in where as a species and as a socie we might be heading and why. The kinds of things we should be aware of if we want to craft a better world for ourselves. The book very cleverly looks back to look forwards, with a lot of research. A very interesting read that can be applied in so many ways depending on what you do.


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