Seb Beloe lives in the country, just outside London, he’s struck a balance between the rural and the urban, and this is echoed in his work where he combines his passion for sustainability with making investments that earn a decent return.

He’s Head of Research at WHEB Asset Management, which is a fund manager that seeks out progressive companies that make products that are doing good in the world. They invest in public companies, listed on the stock market, and while their impact might not be as deep as their private markets forebears, they’re making conscious investment accessible to a lot of people. 

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On this episode…

…the focus was clearly on the question of whether investors can have an influence on companies through trading on a secondary market. Seb was frank and open about the limitations of the strategy, but he was also unwavering in his conviction that supporting companies that are producing impactful goods is a positive step forward.

My key takeaway this week…

Companies are listening now more than ever, and that means the individual has more power than ever to influence their world.

Good Future’s Good Books


By Francis Fukyama

“The author is a well-known US academic and the book is all about social capital and the importance of relationships and trust in societies. About how central it is in sharing a sense of shared agenda for communities. At a local and national level, and particularly at the moment, I read this book twenty years ago, I re-read it and it’s got a lot to say about where we are today. And how we’re seeing a fracturing of social linkages and trust within nations and we feel this particularly in the UK with Brexit. It’s just a reminder of how important social capital is in what we do professionally. Trust and relationships are so important for happy fulfilling lives.”


By Robert Harris

(Seb’s current fiction pick. Have a read and let us know what you think.)

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