Simon Griffiths is CEO and co-founder of Who-Gives-a-Crap, they make and sell toilet paper, but they’re having an impact that goes well beyond the product we see in our bathrooms. The company has a clearly defined purpose to bring the miracle of toilets to the 2.3 billion people all over the world who don’t have access to one.

Despite the hilarious potential for puns, the toilet paper business is actually pretty perfect for the social enterprise model. Simon and his team give 50% of their profits to a range of charities that are working towards providing water and sanitation services, infrastructure and education to millions of people all over the world.

On this episode…

Simon explain both his motivations and his tactics to get his company off the ground. In the process we were given a glimpse into the mind of the new breed of business-leader. It’s a social evolution of capitalism and those who don’t get on board will be left behind.

My key takeaway this week…

“Companies like Coca Cola will be forced to ask what is their purpose?”

Good Future’s Good Books

The Lean Startup

How Constant Innovation Creates Radically Successful Businesses

By: Eric Ries

I’ve recommended it consistently. For anyone who’s thinking about a start-up, or putting something out to the world for the first time, it’s definitely worth it.

The high growth handbook

By: Elad Gill

It’s for when you’re at a more advanced stage. For me the first half of the book felt like he’d written about our business, as if he’d interviewed our staff. He went through all the same stages that we went through. And so I feel confident that the next half of the book would be all of the challenges we had before us.


Who Gives a Crap

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