Roger Montgomery is one of Australia’s leading fund managers, he’s an author, a regular economic commentator and he’s been watching the corona virus situation unfold long before it hit the headlines.

He’s the founder and CEO of Montgomery Investment Management, he manages money for individuals and families, and it’s great to speak to him as we watch financial markets go through a historic correction, after a decade long bull run.

On this episode…

Roger shared his thoughts on the corona virus and its impacts. We dug into the government’s response, as well as how small businesses and the hospitality industry can be helped through this crisis.

I also wanted to go deep on the period since the GFC of 2009 when interest rates were cut to zero. Since then interest rates and wage growth have stayed low. While asset prices have headed to record highs, and I wanted to know why?

But also, where we go next, as central banks around the world have fired all their ammunition, and now have very few options to stimulate the economy.

My key takeaway this week…

“You can approach the market in one of two ways. Either as a business owner, where you use the stock market to buy pieces of extraordinary businesses.

Or you can approach it as a place, like a casino, where you bet on the ups and downs of stocks.

One is gambling, one is investing.”

Good Future’s Good Books

Buffett: The making of an American Capitalist

By: Roger Lowenstein

“I think everyone would benefit from a book by a guy named Roger Lowenstein, it’s called the making of an American Capitalist.

It’s a story of Warren Buffett’s life. It’s really worth reading because the thing you will get from that is how you can think like an investor.”


ValueAble by Roger Montgomery

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