#64 Matt Whineray; how sustainable investing will fund the future of New Zealand pensions
Matt Whineray on the Good Future podcast with John Treadgold

#64 Matt Whineray; how sustainable investing will fund the future of New Zealand pensions

Matt Whineray, is the CEO of the New Zealand Super Fund, and the co-chair of the Sustainable Finance Forum. He worked in sell-side finance in New York and Hong Kong before heading home to NZ to shift over to the buy side, and, to work for the government because NZ Super is a government run fund.

His mandate is to grow the fund to pay help support the pension system as the population ages and tax receipts fall. But he must do it responsibly, and as a long-term investor he recognises the importance of embedding ESG factors into his investment process.

On this episode…

…Matt talked about the differences between the Australian and New Zealand superannuation and pension systems, and he explained the mandate he has to be a responsible steward of public funds.

He also explained the nature of the Sustainable Finance Forum, which is a forum of leaders from finance, business groups and public service to build a roadmap for the future of their financial system.

It’s a lot like the ASFI Roadmap which was just released in Australia (except NZ had theirs done long before ours).  

My key takeaway this week…

Matt explained that the recognition of the value of ‘natural capital’ is something that people from NZ hold dear. And while their systems aren’t perfect, there is balance of wealth and wellbeing, of prosperity and conservation.

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