Simon O’Connor is back on the podcast to explain and dissect the latest Benchmarking Impact report from the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia (RIAA).

The 2020 iteration of the report captures the full spectrum of work being done on impact investment in Australia.  It looks backward to gauge performance, as well as forwards, laying out expectations of the country’s most progressive investors.

The headline figure shows the impact investing sector has grown to $19.9 BILLION, with expectations that this will grow five-fold, to $100 BILLION in 5 years. 

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On this episode…

…we talked about the structure of the report, the headline figures, as well as the diverse impact outcomes from this rapidly expanding sector.

We looked at the inclusion of public equity impact funds, and the strict criteria that RIAA applies. And we discussed the pioneers that are investing in the Pacific, and how more investors can be incentivised to work with Australia’s neighbours.

My key takeaway this week…

Our economy has been battered by covid-19, but impact investors, and the social enterprises they support, are poised and ready to grow.

With capital and innovative business models they can drive the regeneration of both jobs and the environment, and that will be great for our economy.



Benchmarking Impact report 2020

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