2020 was a pivotal. Change was forced upon us all, and in most cases it wasn’t comfortable.

That was certainly the case for my guest today, Danny Almagor. He saw business deals fail, and his father passed-away, but that didn’t stop him.

Instead, he’s channelled this vibrant energy, he’s embraced the evolution of his impact investment business, and he’s launching a new firm, called Sentient.

Danny is well-known as the founder of Small Giants and Impact Investment Group (IIG), but as you’ll hear in this episode, he’s also a cosmic crusader for conscious capitalism, dedicated to harnessing businesses for good.

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On this episode…

We went deep on this one. We wound right back to talk about Danny’s early years as an engineer who wanted to be an astronaut. What led him to start engineers without borders. And how he then pivoted to business, with Small Giants and Impact Investment Group (IIG).

Plus, Danny gave us the lowdown on his new enterprise, Sentient.

My key takeaway this week…

“My passion is more like what you’re doing, asking: how do we change the narrative? How do we look at the system and come up with an alternative, an alternative story about how humanity can be in the world. And that’s through storytelling, whether it’s podcasts like this, or opportunities that we have, in Small Giants.”

Good Future’s Good Books

The Good Ancestor

By Roman Coznaric

It’s a beautiful book about our role in the world and in the universe, and intergenerationally as well. And I think in these times, the conversation we’ve had leads me to how do we be good ancestors?



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