Tim is Head of the Regnan Global Equities Impact Solutions Fund, he’s based in the UK, and he has a unique approach to analysing companies, and to measuring impact.

He and his team go to remarkable lengths to explore not only companies of interest, but examining the market, and indeed the complete supply chain that surrounds the problem they hope the company is working to solve.

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On this episode…

We explored the unique approach that the Regnan team takes in measuring the impact that public companies are having.

It’s not easy, it’s a secondary market, and there’s a long list of other shareholders who have competing priorities.

But outfits like Regnan are slowly building respect in the market, and companies are realising that even though they may not have a material shareholding, it’s worth engaging with them, because they’re a smart bunch, and they want to help.

Impact investing is here to stay.

My key takeaway this week…

They use the problem as the baseline (rather than the company), and work to find the organisations that are best positioned to solve it.


Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility – ACCR

The ACCR engages with companies as a shareholder, advocating for them to improve their environmental and social practices, and in the process make the company more sustainable. 

They’re a group of pragmatic lawyers and finance experts, and by utilising shareholder resolutions, they approach some of Australia’s biggest companies in a forum they can’t ignore. 

Find out more at www.accr.org.au/shareholders

They’re independent, not-for-profit and they’re taking action for more sustainable businesses in Australia.


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