What will it take for Australia to truly become a clean energy superpower?

What do the latest budget allocations mean for climate-tech investors?

And can critical minerals really drive a major increase in export revenues!?

I spoke to Tim Buckley, founder and director of Climate Energy Finance (CEF) about the flurry of activity we’re seeing in the wake of the Federal Budget across climate-tech, renewable energy, critical minerals and trade policy.

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On this episode…

Tim broke down the key policy outcomes from the latest Federal budget, focussing on the major announcements around clean energy, support for critical minerals processing and export, as well as the rebuilding of vital government institutions (after a decade of neglect). 

The result of it all, is that Australia is poised and ready for a major “reindustrialisation”.

It will shift our export mindset from dig-it-up and ship-it-out, to instead apply the innovation and knowledge coming out of our Universities to add-value to our mineral resources, and export them to our trade partners. 

My key takeaway this week…

Australia is now ready to leverage its natural competitive advantages, across science, academics, and commodities, to lead the world into the clean energy future. 

Good Future’s Good Books

Powering Up 

By Dr. Alan Finkel

He’s the ex chief scientist of Australia and in this book he goes through a lot of the scientific and engineering and economic framing that is actually embodied now in Prime Minister Albanese’s future made in Australia. 

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