Lindsay Smalling is CEO of the SOCAP conference (Social Capital Markets). It’s held every year in San Francisco, and its arguably the biggest event focussed on driving New Global Markets at the Intersection of money and meaning.

The event attracts a huge array of people from varied backgrounds, which is in-line with the event’s Big-Tent ethos. People gather around the theme of making financial markets work better for humanity. And for the Good Future podcast, that sounds like a dream come true.

On this episode…

Lindsay explains the paradox of how impact investors desire scale, but are also afraid of what it means to grow and expand. She tells us about her career trajectory from arts major to financial services and then over to running a conference.  

My key takeaway this week…

Despite the growth of impact investing, it’s still a niche field. A clear metric of success will be the day when we no longer have to define terms, and when everybody understands the concept of working towards positive impact.

Good Future’s Good Books

Crossing to Safety

By Wallace Stegner

It’s an amazing writer and what I love is that nothing really happens in it. It’s just a story. Somehow it was just so beautiful to read for that reason. It may no entice many people to read, but it’s a really beautifully written book.



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