Good Future Ep09: Laurie Spengler is the President and CEO of Enclude, an impact investing advisory firm that gives itself the unique title of being an impact investment bank. They work all over the world helping to build businesses that are solving some of the world’s biggest challenges.

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On this episode…

It becomes clear in the conversation Laurie isn’t phased by much. She has a high tolerance for working with uncertainty and ambiguity and that can be traced back to her years managing transactions in Czechoslovakia after the wall fell. When it was re-writing its laws and rebuilding its financial institutions.

I’ve spoken about impact investing with many of my guests on this podcast, but with Laurie we go deeper. We look at the more technical financial strategies, and the vital issue of which enterprises are best suited for receiving an impact investment, and how to level the playing field between those seeking capital, and those looking to invest.

My key takeaway this week…

The time for debate is over. We know impact investing works, there’s more than enough examples. Now we need infrastructure, scale and professional operators.

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“My recommendation is Impact Alpha, which is an online daily news feed of what’s happening in impact.  It’s a very quick and easy daily read, and it gives you, in just five or ten minutes, just a quick sense of activity and momentum.

I think Impact Alpha is a smart, clearly articulated resource to keep your finger on the pulse. And to keep that breadth of awareness, to then invite you to dig into some things for deeper pursuit.”


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