Anna Crabb is General Manager of B Lab Australia. The team work tirelessly to manage the B Corp certification: assessing the sustainability credentials of purpose-led companies and giving them the B Corp tick if they’re up to scratch.

But, they’re also working to bring Benefit Companies to Australia. A Benefit Company is a new type of legal structure that offers Australian companies more options to permanently embed a mission and a purpose into their corporate structure.

On this episode…

… Anna explains what it takes for a company to be certified as a B Corp, and about the booming demand from companies wanting to get the BCorp stamp of approval. We also talk about the challenges facing company directors in trying to make decisions that effect all of a company’s stakeholders, not just its shareholders.

My key takeaway this week…

…the world of tax, finance and company law are complex and often boring. But, it’s in this web of jargon and small fonts that real change can be made. Lasting change, that can hold up in court.

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Bruce Pascoe

“The thing that’s amazing, is how the truth of Australia’s history was manipulated form the records. Bruce does a brilliant job of distilling exactly how we have come to understanding the history as we do today, and how that’s completely wrong. And the innovation and ingenuity and the entrepreneurialism of first nations people back then, as well as now. I highly recommend it.”


B Lab Australia

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