Zali Steggall is not your usual politician. She defeated ex-Prime Minister Tony Abbott to take office last year, and now she’s pushing a Climate Change Bill through parliament that has the potential to define Australia’s next century.

Her Bill doesn’t define policy or technology, instead it acts as a roadmap. At its core, it has the goal of getting emissions to Net Zero by 2050.

She’s garnered support from all sides, and for business, it offers stability and certainty that has been sorely lacking, and which is vital for making long-term investment and capital decisions.

On this episode…

We talked about the huge impact of the Corona virus, and about how people can reframe its many challenges as being an opportunity for growth and adjustment.

And while Covid-19 is an unprecedented issue, so too were the bushfires from earlier in the year. The impacts humans are having on the world are more stark than ever, and I think, from economic destruction, comes an opportunity for rebirth.

My key takeaway this week…

“For anyone that is future focussed and looking at both environmental and economic outcomes, it’s clear that this is where our economic opportunities are in the future.

Look at Ross Garnaut’s latest book for example. We need to get ahead of the curve.”

Good Future’s Good Books

The Future We Choose

Surviving the Climate Crisis

By: Christiana Figueres

“She’s an amazingly passionate, resourceful, pragmatic, person. Who’s achieved so much. And there’s a lot we can take out of that. She was the chief negotiator for the UN for the Paris Agreement.”


Climate Act Now

Ross GarnautSuperpower: Australia’s Low-Carbon Opportunity

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