Christina Leijonhufvud is the CEO of BlueMark, a company that was born last year, sprouting from the impact investment consultancy Tideline.

BlueMark has a very specific focus, and that’s to provide third-party verification of the impact investment practices and performance of the world’s leading impact practitioners.

It’s an emerging field that’s elevating the practice of impact investment; boosting the trust and integrity of key outcomes. 

On this episode…

Christina explains the genesis of BlueMark as a reaction to the launch of the IFC Operating Principles for Impact Management. We dive deep into the many layers of frameworks and taxonomy that now confront impact investors.

While Christina concedes there are a lot of layers of complexity, she explains her view on best-practice impact-management. And, she talks about her hopes for future ‘interoperability’ between the many and varied impact frameworks that exist.

Christina also generously explained the development of her career: from “falling into” a pivotal role at the World Bank as the Soviet Union crumbled, to building a social investment desk at JP Morgan.

My key takeaway this week…

This interview did get into the weeds about impact practice, but, it’s a vital overview of the leading frameworks, how they work together, and where they’re headed.

Christina is at the forefront of this evolution.

Good Future’s Good Books

The Overstory

By Richard Powers

Well, this book is actually something that has been recommended to me by a number of my colleagues at tideline. And I’m currently reading it, it’s called The Overstory. It’s by a man named Richard Powers, it’s a novel about five trees and the sort of experiences of people that live amid some fragment of the life of these trees. it’s very absorbing, and quite heartbreaking at the same time. But for anybody interested in sustainability, it’s a great read.




Iris + (by GIIN)

Operating Principles for Impact Management (by IFC)

Impact Management Project (IMP)

SDG Impact (by UNDP)

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