The Good Future podcast is now LIVE, for your listening pleasure.

The subject matter is broad, but at its heart it’s all about the business-of-sustainability.

I want to explore how your investment decisions, no matter how big or small, can have an impact.

The format is simple, it’s just me asking questions of smart people who are working to build businesses that unite profit and purpose. I’ll dig into the changing nature of business and how sustainability has become a competitive advantage, rather than an ethical luxury.

I’ve had guests from the world of impact investing, social enterprise, ESG investing and international development.

Some of my favourite guests include:

Andy Kuper – listen HERE

Andy is the founder and CEO of Leapfrog Investments, he’s a pioneering impact investor, and he’s long been a hero of mine.

Damon Gameau – Listen HERE

He’s an optimist, and he’s sharing a beautiful vision for the future in his new doco 2040.

Berry Lieberman – listen HERE

She’s the founder of Small Giants and Dumbo Feather, and she’s a passionate advocate for sustainability.

Matthew-Weatherley White – listen HERE

MWW is an impact investment advisor at Caprock (in the US) where he’s proving that capitalism can be re-shaped to have a positive influence on society.

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Impact Investment Summit

To get this project off the ground I needed a push, and that came in the form of the annual Impact Investment Summit, which comes to Sydney each November.

More than just investing

Good Future is all about telling the stories of impact. I’ll be speaking to the leaders of fields that stretch beyond finance. There’s so many creative entrepreneurs out there, working hard to build businesses, while also solving some really complex problems.

I want to speak to the investors, but also to the social entrepreneurs they’re supporting.

And it won’t be limited to Australia. My own work and travel have taken me to development projects in Indonesia and the Pacific, and I’ll be speaking with a whole range of pioneers who are bringing business skills and capital to areas with few financial services, but where there’s a huge potential for impact.

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It’s all about community

This is just the beginning. I have aspirations for this podcast to become a central pivot point for discussions on how our economy is evolving and how we can all shift our work and our lives to having more impact.

I’d love to hear from you:

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